Giftionery & Creative Culture, Taipei 2022 is opening in a grand way

“Giftionery & Creative Culture, Taipei 2022” will take place from April 21 to 24 at Taipei World Trade Center. With the theme of “Dreams Take Off, create life as you want it!”, a total of 262 domestic and foreign companies will gather in the six exhibition areas to render creative gifts, image application household products, IP licensed boutique stationery, products that are innovatively designed, highly functional, novel and aesthetic. During the show, there will be Online Sourcing Meeting, KOL Live Tour, scavenger hunts and various handicraft activities to showcase Taiwan’s design as well as cultural and creative energy to create domestic and international purchasing opportunities.

This year the show focuses on creative and innovative gifts and exquisite design crafts. In addition to displaying various products such as gifts, stationery, houseware, cultural industries, and brand licensing, there are also new types of gifts with solid functionality and artistic sense. Additionally, the Gift and Houseware Exporters Association, TASI, Bags Association, Glove Manufacturers Association, Towel Industry Association, Toy and Children’s Article Manufacturers Association, Clock & Watch & Optical Labor Association, Hosiery Manufacturers Association, the Good Design Association, as well as the first-time member of the National Gift Manufacturers Association will also bring practical and beautifully high-quality products to meet the purchasing needs of distributors and enterprises for gift-giving.

New creative aesthetic style, creating a sense of the ritual of life

In 2022, the show will feature Taiwan’s unique manufacturers, showcasing their exquisite manufacturing capabilities and emerging creativity. Among the highlights; the wooden pour-over coffee equipment that has won the Taiwan Excellence Award and Taiwan Golden Pin Design Award, the cell phone accessories that have won the Red Dot Design Award by using environmentally friendly materials and Inspired creativity, the unplugged amplifier that combines wood and copper, the non-toxic and eco-friendly household products that obtained the TÜV SÜD certification, the high-quality MIT towels that were designated by the Universiade, the high-quality all-steel embossed ballpoint pen that applies etching and electroplating, and the application of Chinese illustrations and EU-certified essential oils on notebooks to display creative and aromatic daily necessities. What’s more, there are well-known brands such as ACERA, The National Museum of History, The National Palace Museum Shop, LOHAS Pottery, In Blooom, IWI and Aurli, combining Eastern and Western art design to present Taiwanese cultural creativity.

Multi-national gifts gathered to make creativity more far-reaching

The Overeas Exhibitors area brings together exquisite products from Korea, Indonesia, Central and South America as well as African countries. Among them, 13 African companies from “Kingdom of Eswatini” pavilion feature handcrafted products and local specialties, including hand-woven necklaces, wood carvings with Blue Jacaranda, handmade candles, leather products, sandals, general apparel, marula oil, eucalyptus oil, and other special gifts; the “Latin American pavilion” exhibits wood carvings from 16 companies in Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, and Paraguay, as well as local delicacies such as hot sauces, jams, and natural skin care products, etc. All kinds of cultural and creative handcrafted products and housewares are gathered in the foreign exhibition area, offering a wide variety of choices that span many borders.

High efficiency of online matching, bringing borderless business opportunities

In 2022, except for physical show, the Online Sourcing Meetings will be held at the same time, which will, not only, sincerely display gifts and the latest exquisite goods in the cultural and creative industry, but also promote the exchange between professional buyers at home and abroad to provide more purchasing choices regardless of the cross-geographical and time difference restrictions.

This year, the show will also hold activities like “Life is an ideal gift” and “Let’s check in here” to gain an exquisite gift. Furthermore, it continues hosting “Creativity Salon” and “Imagination Playground” which were highly popular last year. Additionally, there will be a KOL to guide everyone in the exhibition so that people can experience the charm of the exhibition and have fun with the creativity of handicrafts.

Giftionery & Culture Creative, Taipei 2022 will last for 4 days from April 21 to April 24, from 9:30 a.m to 5:30 p.m. Professional visitors with confirmation letter for a free pass. Tickets are available for sale on-site to the general public for NT$100 each during the exhibition period. Children may enter free of charge on April 24. During the COVID-19 period, please wear a face mask when visiting the exhibition. Please visit the official website at for the latest exhibition information and online activities.