The Advantges of Taiwan Custom Bag Manufacturer & Supplier

Advantages of KHF Industrial – Bag Manufacturing Supplier

For different customer groups, we provide different bag fabrics for customers to choose. For example, some customers emphasized that the fabric needs great “tensile resistance”, or it needs to have excellent “water resistance”, or the customer needs exquisite “digital printing fabric”. We strive to provide the original fabrics required by customers according to the needs of customers, and our original fabric sources are in line with environmental protection standards, and in each daily operation, we have a strict quality management system, allowing us to make products that are comparable to others Differentiation of customized bags.

Established in Taiwan in 1994, our company has been manufacturing bags for 27 years. From product development to production and assembly, we provide excellent customer service and have cooperated with numerous well-known domestic and foreign bag brands. We can develop together with customers, solve problems together, and introduce new culture, new thinking mode and new system, which is the driving force for us to continue to progress.

We import the ISO 9001 standard to improve the technology of bag making. We introduced ISO 9001 in 2019. By establishing a standard process and updating and upgrading the original bag making technology and equipment with the times, to provide production efficiency and improve products quality while reducing production costs. Techniques and Equipment​
The world is changing with time, and we are facing various changes and challenges at any time. With the improvement of the concept of protecting the earth and environmental protection thinking: “How to reduce the use of commodity raw materials and energy consumption on the premise of improving resource productivity. ” has become a subject. Today we are happy to embrace change, by adding bag making automation equipment in stages, and brainstorming how to complete all the tasks. Our working environment is a culture of diversity and collaboration as the value. Jinhefeng adheres to the innovative and diversified business model, pursues sustainable operation and protects the earth.
Facing the ever-changing environment, we will continue to work hard to reflect the company spirit: “integrity”, “service” and “quality” to customers. Our goal is to grow together with customers and become a reliable partner.